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The brief introduction of artificial sand making machine

Le 8 July 2015, 11:07 dans Humeurs 0

Firstly,The operating principle of VSI sand making machine: Material falls into the high-speed turn the wheels from the top of the machine and crusher of amphibolithe with material distributed around the impeller under the effect of centrifugal force great speed. After the impact with each other, the plant material is movable cone crusher between the impeller and the housing and is discharged from the bottom. It may cycle time much with the closed circuit and the sieve device will control the granularity of finished products. Sand making machine Features: 1. Excellent performance and high final fineness 2. 3. Safe and friendly smooth and quiet 4. 5. Minimum maintenance Robust design 6. Long lifespan 7. standard spare parts 8. Profitable 9. produced cubic 10. High productivity As the concrete is really traditionally used in construction nowadays the industry where such buildings reach the end of life services, it is also difficult to manipulate. We need to choose a mobile rock crushing plant to crush them into small pieces and recycle. Concrete sand aggregate is high-speed railway, highway, conservancy construction of water main material required. Gravel quality is directly related to the success or failure of the project construction, so that the development of infrastructure such as railways, highways, bridges, hydropower, very strict requirements on quality sand and gravel aggregate. The portable crushing plants for concrete sales process is almost exactly like barite crusher. First, we choose the usable materials and transmit all with thevibrating charger. Then vibrating feeder pours them into primary concrete crusher. Then concrete basalt crusher product being crushed by high brick crusher. Secondary calcite crusher crushes stones into smaller size in most cases they could get used to.

The issue is the structural design of vertical impact crusher

Le 3 July 2015, 08:33 dans Humeurs 0

The issue is the structural design of vertical impact crusher,about this ,Firstly, introduced the look at home and abroad impact crusher series development and a variety of mill equipment, and then on the basis of these mill the determination of the overall program design.  The design includes crushing plant , classification and transmission part. Some, including crushing and grinding plate gear bushing. Crush plate structure for the pin bar, hammer circle arrangement, the material particle size, suitable for grinding heat sensitive materials with toughness; toothed, rounded bush, the air can easily form a local high-speed vortex flow field, so that materials produce high-speed tremor, increased collisions between the material; rating agencies can make the material to avoid excessive grinding, to achieve the required particle size in the air when the effect of viscous forces to discharge the waste; its transmission system with belt drive, you can buffer absorber, transmission stable noise-free and suitable for large distance between the two axes of the transfer.

 Many of the design process the data are based on past experience the value, selection in part by past experience to choose. Through access to relevant technical manuals to determine the number of standard parts.  The process of analyzing the design of vertical mill of the structure and working principle grinder, grinding method. Know the functions and composition of the various parts. 

Secondly, the size of access-related fasteners, theory with practice to determine the production of materials of all parts used. 

Finally, we use CAD to draw general assembly drawing and part drawings for the main components.